Michael December 6th, 2017

Hello, very pleased to have come across this memorial website to Sian. A little while ago I watched a television documentary about her case. It made me feel very sad and upset and as a little token of respect I decided to read up about her as a person via the newspaper articles and information provided by her family and friends. I really wanted to go away knowing a little bit about the true person she was as opposed to what happened to her. I am exceptionally delighted I did so as I genuinely felt this really warm feeling and internal glow as I read the stories/anecdotes provided by family/friends. What an uplifting/reassuring and very special person she was. It was heart warming and quite inspiring actually. It was only afterwards that it sort of confused me. I thought for a moment how can I feel so happy and inspired reading about this girl when I have been introduced to her in the media for such terrible awful circumstances. This confused me. However, I then realized what a testament to Sian that despite all this her character oozes through to such an extend that new people such as me are able to enjoy learning about this ultra special girl and view her in a way which is totally separate and disassociated to what happened to her. This is quite remarkable and special . Never experienced this before. Well done to her family and friends for sharing these special stories and happy bits as it really gives us the opportunity to build up a lovely picture of Sian and balance it with all the horrible bits which tell us nothing about her. Fingers so tightly crossed she is looking down on family and friends and enjoying their progress. I really want to say well done to her mum for taking up the voluntary work and peer support. I hope it is a tremendous success and a great learning curve. I hope you achieve so much and inspired by Sian. Sian's family seem lovely people and I wish them well in every aspect of their lives. Lastly, I'd like to thank Sian herself as it genuinely made me think about what it is to be happy when I read about this lovely persons attitude to life. So strong yet so down to earth. Incredible stuff. Best wishes Michael xxxxxx.